The Assistant Director of Curative Medicine in Jizan Dr. Maqbul Mghafoora opened in the conference room at the King Fahd Central Hospital in Jizan, the third workshop of medical genetics in collaboration between the Saudi Society for Medical Genetics and King Fahd Hospital.

The chairman Saudi Society for Medical Genetics, Dr. Zuhair Rahbini said that this workshop is the third for SSMG, where the first was in the city of Jeddah and the second was in Medina and SSMG is intended to sharing experience in this field and consider an opportunity for the professionals and workers in the medical field in the region for the most important recent developments in medical genetics.


In this context, the coordinator and medical director at King Fahd Central in Jizan, Dr. Ali Al-Awaji mention that this workshop focuses on how to reduce the spread of genetic diseases prevalent in the region and this requires more efforts to combat through screening programs before marriage and to raise awareness among members of the community.