Use pet safe suncream on exposed parts of their skin such as

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moncler outlet store Stay out of the midday sun Keep your pets out of direct sunlight when the sun’s rays moncler womens jackets are at their strongest.Dogs with white or closely cropped fur and cats with thin coats are particularly at risk of sunburn, which can cause skin cancer. Use pet safe suncream on exposed parts of their skin such as ears and noses.6. Protect your pooch’s paws Don’t walk your dog on the pavement if it’s too hot.Limping, refusing to walk, licking or chewing the feet could all be signs of burnt paws.”In this uk moncler sale hot weather, dogs should only be walked first thing in the morning or cheap moncler jackets last thing at night,” said Tracey Parnell, vet nurse at the Blue Cross.”Take your own shoes off and stand on the path. moncler outlet store

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