The party also alleged that the programme has been

Although we’re not conscious of it, our brains are as active during the night as they are during the day and researchers are just beginning to get grips with what they’re up to.There are particular phases of sleep, such as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and Slow Wave (or Deep) sleep, during which our brains seem to be particularly busy at different tasks such as consolidating factual memories (Slow Wave sleep) or processing the emotions that we have experienced during the day (REM sleep).Not getting enough sleep could, therefore, mean that we are not allowing our brains enough time to do these very important tasks. There’s already research showing that those revising for exams who stayed up all night trying to fact cram did significantly worse in a test than those who had simply gone to bed and allowed their brains to consolidate their memories instead.So, how to get better sleep? Well, there are a few key things that researchers have identified:Avoid blue lightOur eyes have special receptors for bluish light which helps set our body clocks. Unfortunately, computer, TV and phone screens tend to give out quite a lot of this light, and if we are exposed to it before going to bed it can make it more difficult for us to get to sleep.

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