Some designers prefer ready to use photos

3 Bolts, one for each Golem. Precursor trigger on Rite. Rite on Golem Token1.Misdirection resolves changing the target for Bolt to be something else. On the other hand, if you moaning because your Mac + Vmware solution could boot PXE images well you know what again? VMWare Workstation can too (I haven done it, but AFAIK Hyper V does too). I bet you going to bitch about having to buy something else again though, because if it not got an Apple logo on it then everything has to be free or included in purchase, right?Dude, that why I said you might like to read up more on what Windows 8 in its current incarnation brings to the table in terms of backup and restore. Things have changed, and the fact that you saying all that and hinting that you back into PXE is indicative that you haven done any research at all..

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