Lawyer for family that is making a human rights claim against

To achieve this you need change them every decade or so.Another reason is that MPs are expensive and the impetus behind these changes came, in 2010, from the MPs’ expenses scandal.Back in 2010, the idea was that cutting the headcount in Parliament could be counter balanced by introducing a proportional voting system. But we know the Tories aren’t so keen on that part.Anthony Wells also estimated where the losses would happen.These regions would experience less representation There is an argument that the population in the southern regions is larger and growing at a faster pace than up north. But the difference is not massive (24.4m vs 20.5m if you leave out London) and that argument does not hold water if you consider London would lose a total of five MPs.This is how Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland would be hit And while England would altogether lose 31 seats, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland would collectively lose 19.It’s possible that Scottish nationalists would see the loss in representation as another reason to leave the union..

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