Opened at Women’s and Children hospital in Mecca and in collaboration with the Saudi Society for Medical Genetics, the Fifth SSMG workshop for the genetic diseases, participated in the conference 23 scientists and specialists in genetic diseases from several areas in the Kingdom and in the presence of a large number of all parts of the Kingdom’s ranged between 300 to 350 participants.

The Chairman of the Scientific Committee and consultant genetic diseases, Dr. Dia Arafa said with prevalent of high proportion hereditary diseases in the Kingdom and the importance of methods of treatment and identify them, there is a need for the organization of this conference, which hosts who specialize in this science to discuss some of the key points in genetics and includes the diversity of diseases Genetic Kingdom.
For his part, President of the Saudi Society for Medical Genetics, Dr. Zuhair Rahbeeni, certain that this conference is the fifth of its kind held in the region of Mecca, where he was the first in the city of Jeddah and the second in Medina and third in Jazan and fourth in Tabuk and aims to exchange experiences in this field and is an opportunity for professionals and workers in the medical field for the most modern developments in it, he said the SSMG aims to be a forum contributes through all of his interest in the field of genetic medicine, as well as the enrichment of scientific research and communication awareness, professional and social by holding conferences, seminars, issuing bulletins and publications and awareness programs in the field of Medical Genetics .
HE director of the maternity hospital and children, Dr. Walid bin Rashid Al Omari said that the hospital took it upon himself to highlight the scientific efforts of all disciplines the children, pointing to the societal benefit of the organization of this conference, where from which are upgrading services provided to the patient, and praised his happiness to the importance of early screening for genetic diseases and support Ministry of Health to activate this examination testing centers throughout the Kingdom in turn also thanked the Department of Education and Training, led by consultant heart of the kids and head of the training center and continuing medical education, Dr. Mohammed Khayat, for their efforts in organizing and preparing this conference.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar has been approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for 17 hours CME.