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The scientific program of 17th SSMG workshop


SSMG Conference 2019


(العربية) الجمعية السعودية للطب الوراثي تناقش تطبيق معايير الهيئة السعودية للتخصصات الصحية


(العربية) النادي العلمي رقم 31 للجمعية السعودية للطب الوراثي.


(العربية) انعقاد المجلس (38) للجمعية السعودية للطب الوراثي


Genetic Counselor Awareness Day


(العربية) مشروع الجينوم البشري السعودي


(العربية) إصدار العدد الأول من المجلة الطبية للجمعية.


For Assembly

About us

Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) was set up in 2009 and registered as non-profit making scientific organization under the registry and supervision of Saudi Counsel for Health Specialization. SSMG aims to bring together medical geneticists and other related professionals involved in the care of individuals and families with genetic diseases. It also aims to advance and promote the science and practice of Genetics, to bring together workers who have a common interest in genetics, to understand, prevent, cure and alleviate conditions with a genetic etiology. Genetics field is rapidly spreading to involve several aspects in human life; we intend to disseminate all information, reports, and genetic research findings particularly that related to Arab population and diseases related to them. We also encourage, awareness and facilitate education for the genetics families especially Arab community and other health care professionals by conducting meetings, symposia and professional gathering to advance and encourage the communication between national workers in genetics. We also aim to continuing constructive dialogue with government and other politicians on genetics-related issues.

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To be the leader regionally, internationally present in various areas of Medical Genetics

The Saudi Society of Medical Genetics looking to be a forum where all of people who have interest in the field of medical genetic in Saudi Arabia, can contribute to develop and coordinate the medical genetic practice and to enrich scientific research and increase professional and community awareness about genetic diseases.

Contributing to the Improvement of the scientific, academic and professional performance of the members of the society

Exchange of experience and scientific activities between the institutions and professional organizations within and outside the Kingdom

Providing consultancy and studies to raise the level of performance in the field of Medical Genetic

Contribute to the development of standards (policies and procedures) of practice  for Medical Genetics

Raise the level of awareness of the genetic diseases of the community

Board of Directors

Dr. Zuhair Rahbeeni

الدكتور زهير عبدالله رهبيني / رئيس الجمعية استشاري طب الأطفال

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Dr. Majid Alfadhel

الدكتور ماجد عبدالله الفضل / نائب الرئيس استشاري طب الأطفال

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Dr. Fuad Al-Mutairi

Deputy General Manager

الدكتور فؤاد فازع المطيري /عضو استشاري طب الأطفال والطب الوراثي

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Dr. Amal Alhasheme

Dr. Amal Alhasheme/Members استشارية طب الأطفال والطب الوراثي والامراض الاستقلابية

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Dr. Eissa Ali Faqeih

الدكتور عيسى علي فقيه / الأمين المالي  استشاري طب الأطفال

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Dr. Ali Al Asmari

الدكتور علي محمد الاسمري /عضو استشاري طب الأطفال والطب الوراثي

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Dr. Mohamed Alhamed

Dr. Mohamed Alhamed /Members  

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Dr. Saleh Alghamdi

Dr. Saleh Alghamdi /Media Relations  

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